About Monica

Monica Boxley was introduced to the beauty and style of the 1950s and 60s by her mother, Marianne. As a child, Monica would watch from the corner of the Mayfair showrooms as her milliner mother prepared and tweaked the hats for the catwalk shows of the fashion houses de jour.

Being surrounded by creative people and the bold designs of this era has influenced Monica's life and work ever since. After training as a jeweller, Monica brought her passion for 1950s colour and graphics into her jewellery collections and leather accessories. And this is easy to see in her jewellery: expressions in metal of the imaginative art of that time and the detailed patterns and scenes which were applied to fabric.

All of the jewellery collections are designed and made by Monica. From her studio in West London, she brings the seeds of her ideas to life at her workbench. Not for her the sketching on paper until a design is “finished”. All of Monica's pieces begin and end in 3D, in metal at the bench. Ideas are physically pulled and pushed and re-worked by hand until the Master Design is done.

The leather accessories are created in a similar way, working directly with the leather from the outset and never drawing out detailed designs to begin with. After finding an old photograph of her mother Marianne, Monica was hit by a nostalgic urge to re-create the beautiful look and trend of what she saw in that old black and white picture: her mother, looking chic and elegant in the early 1960s, holding a large white leather handbag. And so, The Marianne Collection began: a modern, colourful take on the style and flair of the 1950s and 60s.

But beyond the inspirations and design methods, there is the intrinsic energy and joy that Monica passes on through her work. She is passionate about the art and style from her childhood and excited to be designing her current – and future – collections.